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We help Farmland Owners connect with farmers interested in leasing or purchasing land, or other tenure opportunities.

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Register to create a listing for your farm property. After you register and create a listing, we’ll be in touch with you via email so you can approve the listing before it is posted on the Available Properties page.

This guide will help you gather the right information to include in your farm listing.

FAQ for Farmland Owners

How is registering my property with FarmLink different form listing my property with a realtor?

FarmLink is not a real estate brokerage. It is simply a listing service to connect farmland owners who wish to sell or lease their properties with farmers looking to buy or lease farmland.  Farmland owners who wish to list with a realtor may still want to enroll in FarmLink. There is no downside to doing this. It may help sell your property—and it will increase the likelihood that your property is sold to someone who wants to farm it.

When should I use FarmLink?

If you would like to make your farmland available to someone who will farm it, Farmlink is a great way to make your farmland opportunity visible to farmers. Some farmland owners choose to list their property on FarmLink for several months before listing with a Real Estate Agent; but many list their property on FarmLink and with a Real Estate Agent at the same time.

Is there a cost to list my property?

There is no cost to list your property on FarmLink, but we hope you’ll become a member of Maine Farmland Trust to support this work!

Know of farmland for sale or lease?

If you do not own farmland in Maine, but you know of farmland that is in transition or is for sale or lease, and you would like to see it transferred to a new farmer, please contact us.

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