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Farm ID 863

The property has a rich farmland history as Frank E. Spizuoco was passionate about continuing the tradition to ensure the land stayed in agricultural production. Farmed continuously since 1865, the land has supported a diversified vegetable farm, dairy, hay fields, most recently home to a replacement dairy herd. Frank’s family had been on the land since the 1930s, and he kept careful records of the development of the property while using sustainable practices and especially paying attention to soil health. With a carefully laid out farm plan he followed an NRCS Conservation plan and an NRCS Forestry Plan for the woodlot—a holistic plan that recognizes and reflects farming’s dependence on nature for the next future farmer.

Priced at $375,000

Direct link to MLS 1583202

This property is protected with an Agricultural Conservation Easement and held by Maine Farmland Trust and can be reviewed at any time. For more specific easement details and questions, please contact the Land Steward for MFT, Molly Heuss at

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